We’ve got a great range of craft kits to keep the kids entertained during rainy days and school holidays. We stock an extensive range of Galt Activity Kits, Explore & Discover Kits and Horrible Science Kits which will mean that they learn whilst they play.

  • Spirograph Design SetQuick View
  • Play-Doh Dino Bones Eggs AssortedPlay-Doh Dino Bones Eggs AssortedQuick View
  • Play-Doh Fire EngineQuick View
  • Play-Doh Peppa Pig Stylin SetPlay-Doh Peppa Pig Stylin SetQuick View
  • Play-Doh Cash RegisterPlay-Doh Cash RegisterQuick View
  • Play-Doh Lava Bones IslandPlay-Doh Lava Bones IslandQuick View
  • Play-Doh Noodle Party PlaysetPlay-Doh Noodle Party PlaysetQuick View
  • Play-Doh Ice Cream Truck PlaysetPlay-Doh Ice Cream Truck PlaysetQuick View
  • Play-Doh Rising Cake Oven PlaysetPlay-Doh Rising Cake Oven PlaysetQuick View
  • John Adams Fuzzy Felt Busy BuildersQuick View
  • John Adams Fuzzy Felt ButterfliesQuick View